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began around 1600 Due to the many dead who had fallen victim to the plague, a burial ground was laid out outside the city where the Little St. Michaelis Church stands to-day. In 1600 a chapel was added, which soon became extended into a small church. More and more people settled outside the city.
Just before the start of the Thirty Years’ War, the city included the new settlement area – the new town – in its fortification system. In the turmoil of war it became an oasis of peace in which many people sought protection. From 1625 to 1646 the number of inhabitants in the new town grew from 8.000 to 20.000. The church soon became too small.
In 1647 both the Council and the City Parliament passed a resolution to build a new large church approximately 200 meters to the west, where the Great St. Michaelis Church still stands today. Under the direction of the master builder Christoph Corbinus, and later on under the master builder Peter Marquard, the construction of the church was, with a few interruptions, completed after 12 years and was consecrated in 1661.
The tower was, however, only completed in 1669. In 1685 the St. Michaelis Church became the fifth principal church in Hamburg alongside the other four principal churches St. Petri, St Jacobi, St. Nikolai and St. Katharinen.